The Gateway School & Technology College
'working for maximum success for each individual'


It is established that through engaging in Art lessons, pupils benefit and develop in a whole range of academic and personal development areas. At The Gateway School pupils are able to enjoy a broad range of activities and topics using a range of technical equipment. 


In Key Stage 3, pupils work on teacher directed projects to specifically build and develop independent working skills along with confidence and ability. This is designed to prepare and enable pupils to successfully participate in the BTEC qualification.


Units of work are specifically designed to engage, enthuse and inspire pupils, with individual schemes of work being tailored around pupils’ personal interests. 


In addition to the individualised curriculum on offer pupils take part in competitions to raise awareness of particular personal issues such as the ‘Anti-Bullying’ and ‘One Punch’ campaigns.


During Key Stage 4 pupils engage in the BTEC program of study where they are able to gain a Certificate in Art & Design. During this time students design and make educational soft toys, design and reupholster chairs, and complete a range of paintings such as screen painting, glass painting and tonal work independently. 


Pupils are also engaged in BTEC units to organise fundraising events for particular charities, such as the British Heart Foundation and ‘’Jeans for Genes’ to name but a few. In the past year pupils have successfully raise approximately £600 through the sale of their hand made products.


The Art department is a vibrant energetic environment valuing and celebrating all pupils‘ successes through displays and awards, whilst welcoming and developing pupils’ project ideas to enable all to achieve and enjoy within the subject.