The Gateway School & Technology College
'working for maximum success for each individual'

Citizenship, PSHEE and Personal Development (CPPD)


As a school which actively promotes working for the maximum success of each of our individuals, we greatly value the importance and relevance of our CPPD curriculum. Our pupils often join us having had a negative experience of education and/or having difficulties in learning ways to strategize and cope with the rigours of school life.


Many do not see the relevance of being good citizens and by ‘good’ I mean playing an active role in the national as well as the local communities which make up our country, our continent and the World in general.


The Citizenship curriculum at The Gateway School includes all planned learning experiences in the school and the learning outside of the classroom. Every opportunity is taken to gain knowledge and understanding about becoming informed citizens, develop skills of enquiry and communication and develop skills of participation and responsible action.


We reflect the three principles of citizenship education by helping learners:


  • to develop social and moral responsibility
  • to have opportunities for involvement in community activities
  • to develop political literacy

Our PSHEE and Personal Development curricula dovetail with these principles by focusing on personal wellbeing, economic wellbeing and financial capability. Within the Personal Development curriculum we run a ‘Key Steps’ programme in which our pupils are accredited for considering and completing challenges linked to a whole range of interpersonal and pastoral aspects.


We want all of our pupils to leave The Gateway School and Technology College with knowledge of the curriculum, the World and an emotional literacy which optimises their chance of success in their work and personal lives.