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Design and Technology

This subject involves pupils working on a variety of practical projects: They are exposed to working with different types of resistant materials such as wood, metals and acrylic and pupils are taught to use a number of tools and machinery in order to develop their skills while carrying out practical tasks.


Pupils are afforded the opportunity to carry out research using various means to design a product in line with a given brief. Some excellent ideas have been produced.


At the end of a completed project pupils are encouraged to take their work home in order that parents and carers can appreciate the kind of work being produced.
Students show great pride and joy and a sense of achievement at the end of a completed project.


Year 7, 8 and 9 pupils engage in making a variety of smaller projects such as clocks, toys, money boxes, hand held games, coat hangers and cup holders. The enthusiasm shown during these lessons is very encouraging.


Pupils in Year 10 and 11 also participate in the Level 1 BTEC Award/Certificate in construction. Pupils have shown a keen interest in using this programme and some excellent work has been produced thus far.  Students are required to complete four units of work over a two year period. The success rate has been tremendous! Almost all pupils thus far have achieved a BTEC Certificate in Construction.