Partnership with Parents

Good relationships between home and school are essential if we are to work successfully with your child. There are four main ways available for developing such a relationship and these are:

1. All parents visit the school before their child is admitted. Admission will only proceed after they are fully satisfied that they would like a place for their child, and after agreement has been reached between the school and the family about what work needs to be done and the part that each will play.

2. Each child’s progress is reviewed on at least two occasions during the year. Your child’s statement is reviewed annually to ensure that it remains accurate in its content. This review includes a full report and a meeting to which you the parents are always invited. Secondly the school issues an annual report for academic/social progress; this is part of our record of achievement and reflects the positive progress made during the year.

3. From time to time the school organises functions to which parents are invited so that they may meet staff and discuss their child’s progress. As Parents you may want or need to discuss specific issues at other times – you are of course welcome to visit at any time. However if a specific member of staff needs to be seen it is advisable to ring in advance.

4. We hope that parents will work with us to support the school rules and standards, to keep their part of the admission agreement, and to contact the school if there is anything, which may be causing concern.


Deb Tew is our Home/School Partnership Co-ordinator and can be contacted at school on extension 134 or on 07584 172351.

If as parents you wish to seek further advice or help for your child this can also be obtained from the schools Education Welfare Officer, Carl Henry, via the school.