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School Uniform

The wearing of school uniform at all times is a key part of our drive to develop our pupils’ awareness and ability to conform to require standards necessary for when they leave school and join the workplace etc…


It is an essential part of the school rules which will be discussed with you and your child on admission to the school. As such we require you to ensure that your child wears the full school uniform at all times when attending school.  Just to clarify, The Gateway School and Technology College uniform consists of;


  • A school polo top with The Gateway School Logo
  • A school sweatshirt with The Gateway School Logo
  • School trousers in black or grey
  • Any shoes


Please note that school uniform does not include the wearing of any types of head wear or the wearing of non-uniform T-shirts underneath school polo or sweatshirts. Neither does it include the wearing of outdoor wear except when travelling to or from school etc…


Within each school term any pupil entering school without a full Gateway uniform on will be issued with a warning. They will need to have a very good reason for not wearing uniform and we will check this with you. A good reason is NOT that the uniform has not been washed or it being lost in the house.


If they receive a second warning within that term they will be sent home to change. If we are unable to contact you we will require a meeting with you the next school day.


On the flip side of this, pupils who attend school every day wearing the full school uniform, will be rewarded for this through the use of bonus points awarded each day by form tutors.


School uniform will need to be purchased online at:  


If you have any questions in relation to placing an order, please contact Jules at Home on 01604 862019.


If you have any issues to discuss, please don’t hesitate to contact us and/or our Home School Partnership Officer (Debbie Tew) on 07584 172 351