Our Ethos & Aims

Working for the maximum success of each individual.

Our ethos is one of ‘catching pupils doing well’ and focusing on the positive: we prefer to celebrate what our students can do and support them in the areas they experience challenge. We have a single school aim of ‘working for the maximum success of each individual’ and having this single aim ensures that it is lived.

We focus very clearly on pupil progress and, to this end, there are excellent monitoring and evaluation systems in the school. All subject leaders analyse pupil progress data three times a year, mapping progress across the whole school population, the different key stages and the progress of vulnerable groups.

This analysis produces action plans to address the learning of individuals and/or groups should they not be making sufficient progress. We have a very high proportion of pupils on free school meals and we are committed to ensuring that this group, as well as all the other vulnerable groups, is supported to ensure their progress is at least as good as the rest of the school.

Our approach to behaviour management is based around Assertive Discipline. All staff receive in-house training in this approach as well as completing a 12 hour Team Teach course.