The Gateway School & Technology College
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In Science at Key stage 3 pupils are provided with a balanced curriculum in line with the National Curriculum in:


  • Life Processes and Living Things
  • Materials and their Properties
  • Physical Processes


Pupils study these aspects through “Science at Work” which provides practical activities that develop skills and understanding of experimental and investigative science. The pupils are taught through a more practical, “hands on” experience, understanding the responsibility this requires and having respect for health and safety guidelines. They are encouraged to develop their self-confidence and self-discipline.


Pupils are given the opportunity to extend their knowledge and enthusiasm for Science by working in different group sizes for discussion and development of ideas, investigations, projects and computer based activities.


Progress is monitored by series of SAT style tests and pupil evaluation sheets with the aim of directing each pupil towards personal targets for self-improvement.


In Key Stage 4, pupils are offered the opportunity to gain accreditation at GCSE. We currently follow the Gateway Science B for OCR.


At Key stage 4 we are continually striving to give our pupils the best chance of success.