The Gateway School & Technology College
'working for maximum success for each individual'


Welcome to The Gateway School.


Who we are and what we do.


The Gateway School is a small special needs secondary school, specialising in catering for young people with an Education Health Care plan (EHCP) whose primary need is linked to social, emotional and/or mental health (SEMH). We work with young people, aged between 11-16, in West Northamptonshire.


Our young people deal with issues which directly affect their ability to deal with social and emotional issues effectively and/or to positively balance their mental health. We are committed to helping them to prepare for adulthood and life outside of school. We aim to do this by enabling them to learn how to deal with setbacks and challenges and successes more effectively and appropriately. This is despite the fact that many of our young people may have struggled in the past with more formal learning environments due to such conditions as ADHD or ODD for example. Alternatively, they may have experienced significant trauma, deprivation and or neglect in their formative years leading to attachment issues.

We want them to be successful as the result of a balanced, well thought out, holistic curriculum that is implemented with a clear intent by a team of committed professionals. This includes pastoral elements of our offer.


We want them to learn how to do this via our 6 core themes and, therefore, by developing the ability to:


• have a more balanced response to set backs and challenges

• communicate difficulties and concerns

• reflect on positive and negative events and learn from them

• think and act independently

• push beyond their borders (and change what might have been expected of them previously   by themselves and others)

• develop resilience to a range of difficulties and situations